“Plant your hope with good seeds,  don’t cover yourself with thistles and weeds” – Mumford and Sons

A  reminder for us to  welcome the seeds of hope and peace into our hearts. When we do this, it pushes away all of our fears and doubts. It empowers us to cultivate positivity in our lives and to continue to see possibilities beyond our current circumstances. In doing so, no matter what obstacles life throws at us, we will grow, overcome, and continue to learn from these hardships.

This photo was taken randomly while I was on a walk at a local park. The day was just perfect for a peaceful walk to clear the mind.

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7 thoughts on ““Plant your hope with good seeds,  don’t cover yourself with thistles and weeds” – Mumford and Sons

    1. Thank you! As someone who is quite inexperienced in photography, I was afraid of putting anything out there for the longest time. But thanks to many awesome bloggers as yourself, it has definitely helped me come out of my shell and have a little more courage to post my random findings and snaps.

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  1. Yes! Mumford and Sons lyrics! I hope to see them in concert one day 😀

    Positivity is something that takes us far. If we are positive, we’ll have hope. And when we have hope, we dream and when we dream, anything’s possible. So the cycle goes. Such a fitting shot – looking upwards and outwards and just so happens there’s a clearing overheard. It looked like such a lovely day 🙂

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