“Don’t let the fear of falling keep your dreams from taking flight.”  –  Unknown

This quote resonates with me now more than ever.  Growing up in a culture  where failure is not an option and success is the most desired outcome for everything you do,  it created this fear of failure. I was always afraid to go out of my comfort zone or to take any risk that didn’t lead to success. However,  over time I realized how toxic this mindset was.  I had to reteach my mind that sometimes its okay to try something  new and its okay if you go after a goal even if it sounds  crazy at the moment.  There’s no harm in casting out that fear of failing  because  at least you tried.  You either succeed or you learn an important lesson.  Either way you are still GAINING something.   So if you have goals, dreams and ambitions that scare you a little (in a good way)  then just go for it.  You will not regret trying but you will regret the things you didn’t  do.

This shot was taken at an old historical farm from the 1880s. With views like this,  I couldn’t  pass it up.  If you look closely you might  even see an airplane cloud.  😁😁😁

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8 thoughts on ““Don’t let the fear of falling keep your dreams from taking flight.”  –  Unknown

    1. Thank you!! When I saw this view in the sky, I literally just dropped down and started taking pictures. I am sure everyone around me at that park was thinking I’m crazy. But without crazy I wouldn’t have been able to capture this awesome moment. 😂😂😂

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  1. Similar to you, I grew up in a culture where failure was unspoken. No one in my family failed at school, and so it was pretty much a sin for me to come up with anything less than an A. One time I brought home a ‘B’ for English but my parents didn’t put me down for me, instead gushing over the A+’s I got for maths and science. Agree with you we are gaining something in anything we choose to do, especially stepping outside of our comfort zone. Going after writing, I always wondered where I would end up. Today, all the writing I’ve done I found that to be a great porfolio and connecting with others around the world

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    1. I think your writing is spectacular. It is definitely something I wish I could do, to write well. I guess that would mean I have to write more..LOL. I really enjoy your writing style. The way you can describe your thoughts and lay them all out so effortlessly. I still want to go back through some of your older posts to read those as well! I didn’t realize how fun it’s been reading other people’s blogs and writings. Definitely finding myself doing this much more often now.


      1. LOL. It’s one thing to write something you like…but not all will agree with it – which sometimes means the difference when you are chasing something more than personal fulfillment.

        I thought you wrote your posts here very well. They come across as and feel very honest 🙂 I hope you continue to take more photos – there’s a certain element about joy and freedom within the ones I’ve seen here.

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