“The soul becomes dyed with the colors of its thoughts.” –  Marcus Aurelius 

Very powerful words.  The more I think about it the more I realize how much my thoughts affect the person that I am, the mood I’m in,  and how I behave. It’s so easy some days to feel down and upset quickly but then you realize after a period of time,  those thoughts are so toxic for us and our well being.  So whenever  possible,  I try to be positive,  try to be happy,  try to be grateful,  and try to have  healthy thoughts to nourish the soul.
These ornamental peppers were so unique when I saw them.  So colorful and so vibrant and can mean so many things.  They look like flowers from a distance. They’re not edible and can be toxic to some things but yet hold such an interesting form of beauty to them.

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4 thoughts on ““The soul becomes dyed with the colors of its thoughts.” –  Marcus Aurelius 

  1. Absolutely LOVE the colour in this shot. So bright, so vibrant, and each petal, leaf, fruit piece of nature has a story to tell. Love how you managed to get it all in focus…sometimes my camera doesn’t do that even when I have set it to focus on everything that way! Agree that bad thoughts do us no good – a bit is good, good for reflection. When bad thoughts creep in, I try to distract myself and do something fun that I actually enjoying doing – like watching something on YouTube of do something mundane but productive like cleaning my room (it really never is clean enough for my liking).


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