“The best memories begin with the most insane ideas.”

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What a crazy day this was! I can’t even put into words all of the emotions that we felt going through this experience. This post will be slightly longer than normal and filled with lots of race cars.

For all the ladies out there who have a significant other that loves  race cars and racing knows exactly what I mean. My husband is a huge Indy 500 fan and pretty much anything Indy car related. One of his dreams was to be able to drive one and or be in one. Well, that dream definitely come true this past week.

As a surprise, I booked tickets for him through the Indy Race Experience. I am not a huge fan of fast cars and racing of any sort but I knew that he would love this surprise without a doubt! The process was quite smooth and even on that day I realized very quickly just how crazy and insanely cool this racing world was.

We got to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway bright and early that morning and they took care of everything for us. They suited my husband up with a fire suit and proper shoes, then went through a tutorial as well as safety training on how to work the race car. After that they escorted us out to the track. I was the paparazzi for the day and managed to capture almost every moment of this. I knew right away his mind was already so excited he couldn’t process all that was happening around him. On our way to the track we stumbled upon professional Indycar driver Gabby Chaves (who finished in the top 9 of the Indy 500 this year)! What a treat it was to get to meet these professional drivers in person!


Then, they loaded him up onto the same Indycar that Larry Bird (professional basketball player and executive) had driven! He was a happy camper for sure!


The race cars themselves have a very small seating area and this current car that my husband was driving (yellow one pictured above), had a detuned Honda engine for safety purposes since most of us are NOT professional race car drivers.  It would be quite dangerous to give normal folks like us a car that can go over 200 mph. Regardless, when driving without a professional, the car can reach  up to 130mph speeds and that is quite fast!


Then after he was done driving laps on his own, they let him drive along with the professional driver who can go up to 200+ mph speeds. The cars were going so fast that it was hard to keep our eyes open to look at the road. Everything else around us became almost invisible. Heart pounding and the feeling of a thousand roller coasters all at once was by far the most INSANE feeling ever.




He really got the best of both worlds and there was no other experience that can top all of the lateral G-forces at high speeds, the thrill, and excitement that took over. It was exhilarating, amazing, awesome, and just completely indescribable!   I can easily say that after that experience, I have a different appreciation for race car drivers. To be able to handle the fast speeds and to control the car so effortlessly. It was the craziest thing my husband has ever done but also the most memorable experience of lifetime!


Please feel free to comment below if you are a fan of Indy cars or any other types of race cars in general! I would love to hear about it!

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17 thoughts on ““The best memories begin with the most insane ideas.”

  1. Wow!
    What an experience for sure. I have never got into race cars or anything like that but I love a fast sports car and the adrenaline you get from driving one, plus the thought of danger just makes it all the more thrilling to me. I am glad you enjoyed this day!

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    1. It was indeed fun to watch (for me), since I am too scared to get into a racecar. Lol. It gave me a much different perspective and appreciation for fast cars and racing. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to try 😂😂

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  2. What I great gift. I am too a motorsports fanatic. I would personally prefer the dirt track experience, That Kenny Wallace puts on, but that’s beside the point. You, knowing what your man is passionate about and in the process of providing him with a thoughtful gift gain a new understanding and can share in that with more interest.

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