My name is Yen and I love food, traveling, an engineer/scientist, recreational crossfitter,  and I enjoy taking photos of everything I find to be artistically pleasing to the eye.   I love snapping pictures even though I am only a beginner in the world of photography.

I believe that life is full of adventures and endless creative blessings around us. Even though  I consider myself a very average photographer, I truly enjoy this fun hobby so much!   It allows for self reflection, self expression, and a deeper level of understanding what genuine happiness is.  I am constantly finding myself looking  at things and situations in a much more different perspective in life and I can’t help but want to find the beauty in everything I see. To be able to capture those moments in time allows us to appreciate life a little more each day.  I hope that I can share with you the beauty of  the world through my eyes; something that I am truly grateful for.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope it brings a little smile,  a little laugh,  a little wisdom or  even a little bit of joy to your day!  I try not to excessively describe the pictures but instead,  to let the picture speak for itself.  The way we interpret the image when we first lay eyes on it varies from person to person.  The emotion,  the feeling,  the memory,  or even the message that the photograph gives us is all unique and different depending on who is looking at the photo.  And that is the most amazing thing about art.



*All of the photos are my own and currently I am using a Samsung  S7 phone to capture all the images. Hopefully one day I can get a much better camera solely for the purpose of capturing even better pictures.  This is my very first blog so any advice on how to improve my blog is greatly appreciated! *