“When the roots are deep,  there is no reason to fear the wind.”  –  African Proverb 

Always try to find the things that ground you  and to develop those strong beliefs so no matter how  crazy the  winds of life blows at you,  you will stand tall,  firmly planted and not easily uprooted. Whether it’s our family,  our friends, or our values,  they all contribute to how deep and strong our roots are.

I take this with me wherever I go in life because no matter  where I am,  I stand true to what I believe in and how I was raised and taught, regardless of what obstacles are around me to change that mindset.

Be kind. Be compassionate.  Live righteously. Be grateful.  Be generous.  Be understanding.  Be patient.  Be the positive force.  Be the change. Be respectful.  Be unique.  Be creative. Be humble.  Be thankful.  Be true.  Be the best you.

And the list goes on….  😊😊😁😁

This photo was taken at a local farm near where we live. They happened to have a beautiful bed of sunflowers waiting to make someones day.  What a pretty sight it was and a treat for me since it is my favorite color!

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